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TSUTOMU MANNARI is a senior research fellow at Japan Association for CFOs (JACFO). He has been involved with the association since its establishment. He has been participating many financial leadership & strategy seminars as a speaker and a facilitator or a panellist of the discussion both from practitioner and executive viewpoints not only for Japanese financial professionals and practitioners but also for foreign practitioners and students.

Tsutomu Mannari is currently stationed in Dusseldorf as Europe Regional CFO and an executive committee member of Nifco Inc. a listed company in Japan and a major plastic parts manufacturer for automobiles. He moved from Ohio in early 2023 after the completion of his 4 years assignment in USA as North America Regional CFO. He had been working with Sanyo, a Japanese electronics company for 30 plus years since his graduation of Yokohama National University, Major in Economics. After Sanyo was acquired by Panasonic, he was transferred to Haier in 2011, a Chinese Electronics Giant together with the Asian Household appliance Business of Sanyo and had served as a Regional CFO in charge of Japan and Asia region before he joined Nifco in 2015.

While Mr. Mannari had been staying in Los Angeles as an assistant treasurer of Sanyo US operation, he passed USCPA exam and CCM exam. He also earned a status of Permanent CCM (certified by AFP).

He is a bicycle rider as well as an English Rakugo performer. He studied English Rakugo under Master Kanariya Eiraku who studied under a legend Rakugo performer, Master Tatekawa Danshi. (Rakugo is Japanese traditional comical storytelling performance). He is now authorized by Master Eiraku to play 6 English Rakugo stories including “Summer Burglar”,” Moving Out” and “Tengu’s Judgement”.







Mr. Hai has more than twenty year experience of finance, accounting and tax in commercial banking, investment banking and manufacturing. He served as CFO for Citibank Vietnam, JPMorgan Chase Vietnam and Avon Cosmetics Vietnam. He also has general management experience in real estate and automobile sectors.

Mr. Hai has been Standing Deputy Director of Vietnam CFO Club (VCFO) since establishment of VCFO in 2008.

Mr. Hai is lecturer at VCFO and PACE Institute of Management.


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JENNIFER WANG Professor Jennifer Wang is a Distinguished Professor at National ChengChi University. She graduated from Temple University with a doctoral degree in risk management and insurance. The main research field of Professor Wang includes risk management, financial market, ESG, Fintech, longevity risk, investment management of pension fund and annuity.

 Chairperson, Sustainable Finance and Impact Investing Academy
 Chairperson, Fintech Research Center of National Chengchi University
 Chairperson, Amundi Investment Innovation Research Center of National Chengchi University
 Board of director of Cathay Financial Holdings and Cathay Life Insurance Company


 Chairperson of the Financial Supervisory Commission (FSC) in Taiwan
 President of Taiwan Insurance Guaranty Fund
 President of Taiwan Risk and Insurance Association (TRIA)
 Vice President of National Cheng Chi University
 Vice President of NCCU College of Commerce
 Chairperson of Risk and Insurance Research Center
 President of Director of Securities Investment Trust & Consulting Association
 COO of Center for Industry Collaboration and Innovation Incubation
 Published two white paper, Fintech Development Strategy White Paper and Financial Industry Development Strategy White Paper, when she was the Chairperson of FSC
 Board of director and consultant for many life insurance companies and as the board member to various committees in major pension funds, including National Annuity Insurance Fund, Labor Insurance Fund, and Public Service Pension Fund in Taiwan
 Chairperson of Pension Funds Association in R.O.C


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Atty. Billy Cortez has over 30 years of experience in the local and international banking industry, with concentration on treasury, trust, private banking, HR side of the banking business.

He held the following posts over the years: Money Market-domestic treasury head, Rizal Banking Corporation; head, Financial Institutions Division, Bank of the Philippine Islands; vice president – Treasury Operations, Bank of the Philippine Islands; he was managing director and CEO at BPI International Finance Ltd. (Hong Kong) for eight (8) straight years; vice president/head - Private Banking Group, Bank of the Philippine Islands; director for Trust and Investments, Kim Eng Capital Partners, Inc.; and independent board director, First Metro Investment Corp; currently, he also sits as independent board director at First Metro Securities Brokerage Corporation, PBC Capital Investment Corporation, and FAMI/ First Metro Philippine Equity Exchange-Traded Fund, Inc.(ETF).

He was former national president of FINEX (Financial Executives Institute of the Philippines), the nation’s biggest premiere organization of CFOs; it was during his term when he launched the first FINEX CFO of the Year Award, and when his term ended, FINEX had, historically, its biggest budgetary surplus; he was also co- chairman of the country’s Capital Market Development Council and former chairman of FINEX Foundation. He held positions as elected board director and executive committee member of the International Association of Financial Executives Institutes (IAFEI), the more than 50-year old international association of financial executives, a private non-profit and non-political association of financial executives from all over the world.

He writes, every now and then, business columns for BusinessWorld and Manila Bulletin. Atty. Cortez finished his Bachelor of Laws degree from San Beda College of Law and was the recipient of the school’s highest award, the Abbots’s Award. He completed his journalism degree also at San Beda College, graduating cum laude, the only one in his journalism graduating batch. He was the yearbook editor, and editor-in-chief of the school’s college paper with the latter winning an international college paper award in USA.

In 2008, he was chosen the Most Distinguished Bedan alumnus in the field of banking and finance by the San Beda College Alumni Association.