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Instituto Argentino de Ejecutivos de Finanzas (IAEF)

FOUNDED: 1967     MEMBERS: 760

Address: Tucumán 612, 4 Piso, C1049AAN, CABA, Buenos Aires

Phone: (011) 4322-6222

Fax: (011) 4322-4710

Email: webmaster@iaef.org.ar

Website: http://www.iaef.org.ar


President: Mr. Oberst Alejandro
E-mail: oberst.alex@gmail.com
Phone: (011) 4322-6222

Vice President: Mr. Saumell Jorge
E-mail: jorge.saumell@binariaseguros.com.ar
Phone: (011) 4313-0190

E-mail: webmaster@iaef.org.ar
Phone: (011)4-322-6222
Fax: (011)4322-4710


  • Publication and distribution of its quarterly magazine "The Financial Executive"
  • Organization of Financial Lunches
  • Organization of a Financial Cocktail
  • Organization of Congress and Convention
  • Promotion of congresses in collaboration with IAFEI


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Financial Executives Institute of Belgium (FEIB)

FOUNDED: 1970     MEMBERS: 95

Address: Reep 1, 9000 Ghent, Belgium

Phone: +32 9 210 97 11

Fax: +32 9 210 97 00

Email: feib@vlerick.com

Website: http://www.feib.be


President: Mr. Jan Staelens
E-mail: jstaelens@imagix.be
Phone: +32 475 27 84 64

Vice President: Mr. Laurent Carlier
E-mail: l.carlier@befimmo.be
Phone: +32 2 679 38 64

Academic Director of the Vlerick-F.E.I.B. CFO-Club: Prof. Filip ROODHOOFT
E-mail: filip.roodhooft@vlerick.com
Phone: +32 16 24 88 36

Secretariat: Ms. Cloé De MOOR
E-mail: feib@vlerick.com
Phone: +32 9 210 97 88

Fax: +32 9 210 98 03


  • Publication and distribution of its quarterly magazine "The Financial Executive"
  • Organization of Financial Lunches
  • Organization of a Financial Cocktail
  • Organization of Vlerick FEIB-CFO Club Evening Events
  • Promotion of congresses in collaboration with IAFEI


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China Association of Chief Financial Officers (CACFO)

FOUNDED: 1990     MEMBERS: 2,019

Address: Floor 18, Xinzhi Building, A 28 Fucheng Road, Haidian District, Beijing 100142, P. R. China

Phone: 86 10 8819 1880 / 8819 1866

Fax: 86 10 8819 1866

Email:  cacfo@cacfo.com

Website: http://www.cacfo.com


President: Ms. Liu Hongwei
E-mail: cacfo@cacfo.com

Director of International Department: Ms. Shen Junmei
E-mail: cacfo@cacfo.com / shen_junmei@hotmail.com
Phone: +86 10 8819 1880
Fax: +86 10 8819 1866


  • Membership
    • Developing the nation-wide network of CACFO and enlarging the membership
    • Improving the quality of services to meet diversified requirements of the membership
  • Research
    • Carrying out cooperative research on development of CFO's leadership and capability
    • Offering professional consultancy for the membership through Committees of experts
    • Launching the research on Management Accounting
  • Advocacy
    • Making proposals to legislative and administrative bodies to build CFO profession
    • Making proposals to legislative and administrative bodies as of the system construction of Management Accounting profession
  • Training
    • Delivering domestic as well as overseas training programs for members
    • Updating members with the development of global economy as well as financial profession
  • Accreditation
    • Pushing ahead with the accreditation of financial profession
    • Enhancing supervision and management of the accreditation projects
  • International Exchange
    • Promotion of congresses in collaboration with IAFEI
    • Co-organizing event with IAFEI member institutes


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FEI Chinese Taiwan

Financial Executives Institute of Chinese Taiwan

(FEI Chinese Taiwan)

FOUNDED: 1975     MEMBERS: 236

Address: 8th Floor, No. 82, SEC. 1, Han-Ko Street, Taipei, Taiwan

Phone: +886 2 2383 0657 / +886 2 238 0659 

Fax: +886 2 2371 0547

Email: fei.roc@msa.hinet.net

Website: http://www.feitwn.org


Chairman: Mr. David Chou  
E-mail: fei.roc@msa.hinet.net
Phone: +886 2 23830659

Fax: +886 2 23710547


  • Domestic and International Seminars/Meetings with
    • Non-profit institutes: The Bankers Association, The Securities Association, The Life Insurance Association, Monte Jade Technology Association, Private Equity & Merger/Acquisition Association, Venture Capital Association, Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Council for Industrial & Commercial Developments, Columbia Alumni Association, CFA Association, Emerging Market Association
    • Academia: Universities, Academia Sinica, Industrial Technology Research Institute, Battelle / 360ip
    • Government Agent & Authorities: Financial Supervisory Commission, Ministry of Finance, Stock Exchanges, US Department of Commerce
    • Professional Service Providers: big 4 accounting firms, law firms, appraisal firms
    • Corporations & Financial Institutions: commercial bank, insurance companies, securities houses, fund managers, ICT companies, Biotech companies
    • Media: Commercial Times, Economics Daily, Business Weekly, Marbo Weekly, Fortune Bi-Monthly
  • Special Annual Project: How to evaluate corporations’ health by in-depth analyzing financial statements
    • A task force including professors, accountants, CFOs, lawyers, and appraisers
    • Two case studies every month
    • A book, which will be published after the Special Annual Project, will include case studies, methodologies, macro and micro analysis, independent director’s role and responsibilities, fraud prevention and pre-caution, risk managements, social responsibilities, etc.


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gefiu germany

Gesellschaft für Finanzwirtschaft in der

Unternehmensführung e.V. (GEFIU), Association of Chief Financial Officers Germany

FOUNDED: 1969     MEMBERS: 170 (at 31st December 2017)

Address: Dahlienweg 11, D-61381 Friedrichsdorf, Germany

Phone: 49 61 72 59 8709

Fax: 49 61 72 59 8710

Email: info@gefiu.com

Website: http://www.gefiu.com


Chairman: Mr. Helmut Schnabel
E-mail: Helmut.Schnabel@asecuris-asset.com
Office Phone: 49 69 77 07 6606

Fax: 49 69 35 35 1512

Secretariat: Ms. Christiane Ditthardt 
E-mail: info@gefiu.com


  • One annual General Meeting, and one annual Special Conference "CFO Night"
  • Working Committees: they are regularly operating, which deal with various topics such as capital markets, leasing and asset finance, financial accounting, as well as treasury functions in multi-divisional companies. Newly established is the Working Committee on Medium Sized Corporations Financial Matters. Ad hoc working meetings, half day, are held, when needed, on current special subjects and issues.
  • Management training: GEFIU organizes every year a three day seminar for future top managers in the finance area of industrial companies.
  • Advocacy:GEFIU publishes, from time to time, technical commentaries to current regulatory activities of  government authorities and  of  regulatory bodies.


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hifm greece logo

Hellenic Institute of Financial Management (EIOD)/ Hellenic Management Association (EEDE)

FOUNDED: 1979     MEMBERS: 250 (at 31st December 2017)

Address: 200 Ionias Ave & 61 Iakovaton Str., 111 44 Athens, Greece

Phone: +30 210 2112000 (ext. *713)

Fax: +30 210 2112020

Email: iod@eede.gr

Website: http://www.eede.gr


Ex-Officio President and International affairs representative of EIOD/EEDE: Mr. Anastassios Rodopoulos
E-mail: anastasios.rodopoulos@ecmBsolutions.com

Mobile Phone: +30 6979 111 244

Coordinator EIOD/EEDE: Ms. Polyxeni Ilia
E-mail: iod@eede.gr
Office Phone: +30 210 2112000 (ext. *713)

Fax: +30 210 2112020


Our Mission:

  • The Hellenic Institute of Financial Management (EIOD) was established in 1979 and is the second Institute of EEDE, in order of establishment. Within the framework of EEDE’s activities, EIOD has a specific aim to enhance the efficiency of financial management in a company, to upgrade its role in the operations of a company, as well as to promote and disseminate its principles, with a view to improving the competitiveness of enterprises.

Our aims:

  • The primary aims of the Institute are as follows:  To promote and disseminate the application of financial management throughout enterprises and organizations, that are active in Greece.
  • To observe and study the developments in the theory and practice of financial management and to contribute to any potential adaptation in the Greek business setting.
  • To take up initiatives for promoting the financial management through studies, presentations, recommendations, publications and any other appropriate means at national and international level.
  • To contribute to forming a high professional consciousness among financial management executives.
  • To enhance relations and creative communication among professionals and organizations currently active in Greece in the field of financial management with their counterparts abroad.
  • To study the training and post-graduate studies needs in the specific field and to contribute effectively to covering such needs, in particular through EEDE’s training programmes.
  • To carry out research and to study certain elements and their reflections in various functions of financial management and to contribute actively in their solution.
  • To enhance the connections between academicians and professionals in the field of financial management, with a view to further developing the specific field.
  • To disseminate knowledge and any new developments regarding financial management among its members.Our Recent Activities:

Our Recent Activities:

  • Include events on the following topics:

    • Shipping Conference: Greek Shipping, The driving force for economic growth;
    • Corporate taxation conference;
    •  Pioneering business transformation, CFOs as representatives of digital change;
    • The taxation laws updates;
    • The maritime forum: The shipping leverage economic development of Greece;
    • Greek companies’ exports and ways of financing;
    • The vision, strategy and the new model of economic development of Greece


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IFEA Indonesia

Indonesia Financial Executive Association (IFEA)

FOUNDED: 1975     MEMBERS: 30

Address: c/o PT Tempindo Jasatama, MidPlaza II, 12th floor, Jl. Jenderal Sudirman Kav.10-11, Jakarta 10220, Indonesia

Phone: 62 21 5738367

Email: ifea@cbn.net.id



President: Mr. Saiful Haq Manan 
E-mail: saiful.h.manan@ptppa.com
Mobile Phone: 08 11 166678

Office Phone: 62 21 521 2907 / 575 7999

Fax: 62 21 574 6173

Executive Secretary: Ms. Inge Idwan 
E-mail: ifea@cbn.net.id
Office Phone: 62 21 573 8367

Fax: 62 21 574 6173


  • Regular/special meetings
    • Organization of various meetings, panel discussions, and conferences
    • Organization of financial luncheon/dinner
  • Conduct of public forums
  • Promotion of congresses in collaboration with IAFEI


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Associazione Nazionale Direttori Amministrativi e

Finanziari (ANDAF)

FOUNDED: 1968     MEMBERS: 1,245 (at 31st December 2017)

Address: Corso Genova 6 - 20123 Milano, Italy

Phone: +39 02 8324 2288 / 02 5810 2231

Fax: +39 02 5811 8093

Email: andaf@andaf.it

Website: http://www.andaf.it


President: Mr. Roberto Mannozzi
E-mail: r.mannozzi@andaf.it
Phone: +39 02 83242288

Secretariat: Ms. Daniela Guidotti
E-mail: d.guidotti@andaf.it
Phone: +39 02 8324 2288 / 02 5810 2231


  • Organization of the 2017 ANDAF Annual Congress
    To be held in Perugia on October 27/28, 2017. More information here www.andaf.it

    ANDAF to launch in with success in 2013 a program of education addressed to CFO's and in particular to their collaborators - in order to keep up with the fast evolution in the various fields of our profession. The program in 2017 will be extended to 10 courses (5 in 2013)


    New Master CFO courses in collaboration with the Universities of Bologna and Udine are planned to be organized, in addition to the already running similar courses with the Universities of Pisa (Rome), Castellanza (Milan), Cassino (Rome) and Parthenope University of Naples.


    In order to help its members in need of assistance, ANDAF has organized since 2012 a more fine tuned service of job placement, taking advantage of its wide contacts with head hunters and the likes. This program will be enhanced in 2014 with the extention of a program of coaching and of psychological assistance.

  • Organizer of the 45th IAFEI Congress in Milan, October 2015
  • Participation at the IAFEI Congress in Manila, October 2014
    A strong campaign of advertising to be carried out to ensure numerous groups of ANDAF members will attend the Manila Congress.
  • Institutional Standard Activity
    • Hold about 150 events in 2016 spread within the 11 regional chapters of ANDAF, addressing topics of interest to ANDAF members (Finance; Tax; Accounting; Planning & Control; Corporate Governance; Risk Control & Assessment; etc.)
    • Continue and improve the scientific activity of the 6 Technical Committees of ANDAF, namely: Corporate Governance & Compliance; Corporate Finance; Planning & Control; Tax; Financial Reporting Standards; Information & Communication Technology). Start a program of cross-fertilization among the Technical Committees on matters which can be addressed from different point of views.
    • Spread the awareness of ANDAF by utilizing more intensively the various media (TV, radio, press, web)
    • Edit the quarterly ANDAF Magazine


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jacfo logo

Japan Association for Chief Financial Officers (JACFO)

FOUNDED: 2000     MEMBERS: 2,158

Address: Shiozaki Bldg.2F, 271, Hirakawacho Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan 102-0093

Phone: 81 3 3556 2334

Fax: 81 3 3556 2320

Email: info@cfo.jp

Website: http://www.cfo.jp


Chairman: Mr. Sumitaka Fujita 
E-mail: info@cfo.jp
Office Phone: 81 3 3556 2334

Executive Director: Mr. Hiroshi Yaguchi 
E-mail: yaguchi@cfo.jp
Office Phone: 81 3 3556 2334


  • Regular Meetings and Conferences
    • Organizes regular CFO Meetings for networking and information exchange
    • Organizes and operates the CFO Forum Japan, which is attended by nearly 500 financial executives.
    • Holds regular CFO Roundtable to provide opportunity for attendees to network with peer CFOs
    • Organizes several technical workshops.
    • Conducts CFO Seminars twice a month to provide members with the most up-to-date trends that finance and accounting professionals should follow
  • Accreditation Programs
    • Conducts certification and accreditation examination programs for the development of CFOs JACFO was commissioned by METI with the development of CBT-based examination for finance and accounting skills based on the FASS. The examination was designed to measure the accuracy of knowledge on typical finance, accounting and tax related tasks in the form of a statistically equated, scaled score. It is increasingly recognized as one of the most reliable tools to assess financial capability of employees and outsourced staff including those in shared services.
  • Research
    • Conducts investigation and research on various topics on financial management, as well as analyses and surveys on corporate management and finance strategies
  • Promotion of congresses in collaboration with IAFEI


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AMMFG Marocco

Association Marocaine des Métiers de la Finance et de la Gestion(AMMFG)

FOUNDED: June 2016

Address: Centre d’Affaires Regus. 12 Avenue Ali Abderrazak, Casablanca 20110, Morocco

Phone: +212 522 928 100


Website: http://www.ammfg.ma


President: Mr. Mohamed EL FEZZAZI
E-mail: mohamed.elfezzazi@ammfg.ma
Phone: +212 522 928 100

Secretariat: Mr. Mohammed BENKKADOUR
E-mail: mohammed.benkkadour@ammfg.ma
Phone: +212 522 928 100


  • Organize and promote the exchange of ideas, best practices and experiences
  • Set up a permanent support, assistance and advice
  • Contribute to the development of the careers of its members
  • Lead the Financial and Economic debat
  • Promote research in the areas of Finance and Management
  • Support national companies in the areas of Finance, Management and tax
  • Develop international cooperation with similar Associations
  • Organize Seminars and congress
  • Provide Informations in the area of Finance, Management and tax


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IMEF Mexico

Instituto Mexicano de Ejecutivos de Finanzas (IMEF)

FOUNDED: 1961     MEMBERS: 1,476

Address: Patricio Sanz No. 1516 Col.del Valle Del. Benito Juárez México, D.F.,C.P. 03100

Phone: +52 55 5559 8366 / +52 55 5559 8772

Fax: +52 55 9151 5084

Email: imef@imef.org.mx

Website: http://www.imef.org.mx


President: Ing. C.P. Fernando López MACARI

Executive Director: Mr. Gerardo GONZALEZ AYALA
Email: direccion.general@imef.org.mx

Vice President IAFEI Relations: Mr. Luis ORTIZ-HIDALGO
E-mail: lortiz@ohoabogados.com.mx
Phone: +52 55 1327 0431


  • The institute has 14 committees organized by discipline, i.e. Treasury, Corporate Finance, Taxes, Corporate Governance, Ethics and Social Responsibility, etc. Each committee holds monthly sessions to discuss key issues of its specialty. Likewise, bulletins and other technical papers are issued and distributed among membership. Articles are contributed to daily papers and monthly magazines, even electronic ones, like CNN México.
  • The institute has 20 chapters across Mexico. Each chapter organizes at least one National Conference, Symposium or Forum per year. Besides, monthly events are also organized by each chapter. However, IMEF’s key annual event is the National Convention, which is held every year in the month of November, to which members of each chapter attend to learn, share experiences, etc.


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FINEX Philippines

Financial Executives Institute of the Philippines (FINEX)

FOUNDED: 1968     MEMBERS: 542

Address: Unit 1901, 19th Floor, 139 Corporate Center, Valero corner Sedeño Streets, Makati City, Philippines

Phone: +63 2 811 4052/4184/4188

Fax: +63 2 811 4185

Email: admin@finex.org.ph

Website: http://www.finex.org.ph


President: Mrs. Ma. Victoria C. ESPAÑO

EVP: Mr. Ronald S. GOSECO
Liaison Director - International Relations Committee:


Chairman of International Affairs Committee:

Rafael Jose D. CONSING, Jr.


Michael B. VINLUAN


  • Professional Excellence : Continuing education to gain greater knowledge and enhance previous knowledge, to understand better the multitude of financial concepts learned and to seek more effective ways to use the know-how in one’s own work. Through meetings, forums, symposiums, dialogues, workshops, seminars and conferences, the FINEX member not only acquires ideas but is able to test his or her thinking against those of others.
  • Social Involvement: This has taken many forms, e.g. community outreach programs, direct material assistance, livelihood projects, skills enhancement seminars, cooperatives organization and development.
  • National Issues: In matters of national concern, especially on financial issues with great national impact, FINEX has taken an active role while being apolitical. Regularly through the National Affairs committee and the Tax and Legal committee and through other committees, FINEX has participated in enriching public debate with analyses and logic, through formal studies, published opinions, position papers and memorandums to legislators. FINEX has likewise been involved in capital market development through the Capital Market Development Council which it co-chairs with the Department of Finance. This Council has institutionalized the cooperation of private sector and government in discussing and supporting public policies that promote the raising of capital in financial markets, so important to encouraging much-needed investments in the economy.
  • Initiative and Leadership: FINEX takes the initiative to assist in the spirit of public service if there is an opportunity to do something good that requires the particular knowledge, skills and experience of the financial executive.
  • Good Governance, Public Sector Accountability and Business Ethics: FINEX has created a Good Governance Committee to advocate for good corporate governance and public sector accountability. Its Ethics Committee is involved in promoting ethical behavior and values formation amongst FINEX members and has reached out to students of various universities via forums and case studies.
The FINEX advocacies and activities are being carried out by the following Committees:
  • Standing Committees ( Professional Development, Membership, Elections and Ethics)
  • Special committees ( Affiliates, Audit, Capital Markets Development, CFO of the Year Awards, Finance, Financial Inclusion, Finex Week, Good Governance, International Relations, ICT, Junior Finex, Programs and Meetings, National Affairs, Media Affairs, Ways and Means, Sports and Wellness and Tax and Legal).
  • Committees under the FINEX Foundation (Arts, Business Education, Citi Junior Bankers, Environment, Finance and Social Involvement)


  • Transparency and Accountability
  • Integrity and Truth
  • Professional Excellence
  • Proud to be a Filipino
  • Social Responsiveness


To promote the progressive and innovative application of financial knowledge and skills in beneficial service to society, always observing the highest standards of competence and ethical behavior.


To be the leading national organization of finance professionals and practitioners dedicated to the advancement of financial knowledge and expertise.


Nowadays, companies around the world — big or small — are undergoing some kind of business transformation. The world is changing at a fever pitch pace, and there’s simply no turning back from the next industrial revolution, where machines are being predicted to replace many human tasks.
Thanks to technology, size no longer matters. Scrappier players have come into the market and disrupted companies in ways never before seen.
In the current climate, the need to transform, create long-term positive impact, and move towards a sustainable and inclusive society has become more than a strategy, but a business imperative.
Thus, in its 50th year, the Financial Executives Institute of the Philippines (FINEX), the country’s leading national organization of finance professionals and practitioners, saw it fit to embrace the theme, “Transforming for a Sustainable Future. Today.”


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Stowarzyszenie Dyrektorów Finansowych (FINEXA)

FOUNDED: 2011     MEMBERS: 230

Address: ul. Powsińska 23/6 02-920 Warszawa, Poland

Phone: +48 22 651 7934

Fax: +48 22 651 7930

Email: sekretariat@finexa.org

Website: http://www.finexa.org


President of the Board: Ms. Patrycja Ptaszek Strączyńska  
E-mail: patrycja.ptaszek@finexa.org

President of the Supervisory Board, International Relations:

Mr. Nikolaus von Nathusius
E-mail: nikolaus.vonnathusius@finexa.org

Association Manager: Ms. Kinga Przepióra
E-mail: sekretariat@finexa.org


  • Gdańsk
  • Poznań
  • Wrocław


  • Monthly breakfast (business) meeting in Warsaw
  • Monthly newsletter for members
  • Yearly gala event (social) in Warsaw
  • Irregular regional activities


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All-Russian Public Organization Russian Club of Financial Directors (RCFD)

FOUNDED: 2012     MEMBERS: 198

Address: 127055, Russia, Moscow, Butyrsky Val 68/70, bld. 2, "Intellect Park" Business Center

Phone: +7(495)626-3040, +7(495)721-1457, +7(495)777-0895, +7(495)777-0894

Email: andrievskayaey@rus-cfo.ru

Website: http://клуб-финансовых-директоров.рф/


President: Mr. Yury Vronsky 
E-mail: vronskyya@rus-cfo.ru
Phone: +7(495) 626-3040, +7(495) 777-0895
+7(495) 721-1457, +7(495) 777-0894

Vice President: Mr. Oleg Semenov 
E-mail: SemenovOV@2kaudit.ru

Vice President: Mr. Ivan Andrievksy
E-mail: andrievskyia@rus-cfo.ru

Phone: +7(495) 626-3040, +7(495) 777-0895
+7(495) 721-1457, +7(495) 777-0894


Our mission is to strengthen relations of Russian and international financial communities. Integration of financial markets is one of the modern trends in the global economy. Russian Club of Financial Directors contributes to integration processes on capital markets through the development of international relations in the financial sector.

  • Consolidation and development of the organization:

    • Open and closed meetings of the Club Conferences and sectoral sessions
    • Seminars and round tables with the participation of representatives of legislative and executive authorities
    • Lectures and personal meetings


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Southern African Institute for Business Accountants (SAIBA)

FOUNDED:1987     MEMBERS: 2,300

Address: 10 Centuria Park, 265 Von Willich Ave, Centurion 0046 South Africa

Phone: +27 12 643 1800/2/4

Email: saiba@saiba.org.za

Website: www. saiba.org.za


President: Mr. Nicolaas van Wyk  
E-mail: NvanWyk@saiba.org.za



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Association Tunisienne des Contrôleurs de Gestion et des Responsables Financiers (COGEREF)

FOUNDED: 2011     MEMBERS: 70 (at 31st December 2017)

Address: 13, Rue Abou Hamed ELGhazeli, Centre MISK 5ème Etage - Bloc A21, MONTPLAISIR - 1073 Tunis, Tunisia

Phone: (00216) 98 22 34 57

Email: cogeref@gmail.com

Website: http://www.cogeref.org


President: Mr. El Hassen TAKTAK  
Mobile Phone: (00216) 98 22 34 57

Vice President: Mr. Ridha ABDELMOULA
E-mail: ridha.abdelmoula@biat.com.tn

General Secretary: Mr. Yassine SOUSSI 
E-mail: yassine.soussi@gmail.com

Treasurer: Ms. Lamia SAMMOUD
E-mail: lamia.samoud@gmail.com

Communication Coordinator : Ms Meriam BEN BOUBAKER ARFA
E-mail: arfameriam@yahoo.fr
Phone: (00216) 55 25 24 90


  • One annual International symposium
  • Many round-tables
  • Ensure trainings
  • Partnerships with universities and other associations
  • Participating in regional economic events


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VCFO Vietnam

Vietnam Chief Financial Officers Club (VCFO)

FOUNDED: 2008     MEMBERS: 98

Address: 4th Floor, Phuong Long Building, 506 Nguyen Dinh Chieu Street, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Phone: +84 28 6290 3568

Fax: +84 28 6290 3563

Email: contact@cfo.vn

Website: http://www.cfo.vn


Director: Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Bach  
E-mail: bach.nguyen@cfo.vn
Mobile Phone: +84 926 33 66 88

Deputy Director: Mr. Duong Hai 
E-mail: hai.duong@cfo.vn
Phone: +84 922 55 77 77

International Representative: Mr. Nguyen Huu Thanh 
+84 918 413 420


  • Publish and distribute weekly update of the government’s new policies to members and monthly CFO Vietnam newsletter.
  • Monthly meetings for the experiences sharing among members and online discussions on hot issues/topics in finance, economy, accounting and taxes through the “CFO forum” on VCFO website.
  • Monthly “Coffee Talk” for Enterprise Management Experiences sharing among VCFO Members and Corporate Leaders.
  • Collaboration with trusty partners (ACCA, CPA Australia, CMO, TPEC, VCCI, YBA, IBM, Microsoft, CGMA…) to organize seminars on corporate financial governance.
  • Cooperate with Japan Association for CFOs (JACFO) and ACCA Vietnam in organizing the yearly event Vietnam CFO Forum.
  • Implement GLOBAL FASS project in Vietnam.
  • Training activities:
    • Organise Professional CFO Training Programs
    • Short training courses in Finance for Financial Executives
    • Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) for Corporate Leaders
    • Partnership with Associations to organize the Program of Corporate Finance Management for SMEs upwards the trend of Enterprise Development Department, Ministry of Planning & Investment (MPI).