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  August 2015
2015 Transition Issue no. 2

45th IAFEI World Congress

Welcome from Gabriele Fontanesi, Chairman of the Organizing Committee, 45th IAFEI World Congress

The International Association of Financial Executives Institutes (IAFEI) has entrusted to the Associazione Italiana Direttori Amministrativi e Finanziari (ANDAF) its Italian member institute, the hosting of the 45th IAFEI World Congress. The Congress, albeit addressed to the 15’000 associates in the IAFEI federated associations, is an event open to the global community of finance, economy and business.

This is the fifth time that ANDAF has been given this mandate after the IAFEI World Congresses organized in Venice (1984), Florence (2004) and twice in Rome (1995 and 2010).

With the support of Comune di Milano and the President of the Italian Republic, Milan was chosen as the host city of the 2015 CFO Summit as it is also the site of the EXPO World Trade Fair. The venue of the 2015 IAFEI World Congress is Palazzo Mezzanotte, home of Borsa Italiana, a sponsor of the global event in cooperation with Gruppo 24 ORE, publisher of a leading financial newspaper.

More than ever, the dynamics of the global economic landscape drive economic and business leaders to adopt new ways of doing things to achieve a competitive edge. It is in this light that this Congress adopts the theme “Innovation, the Quest for Competitiveness.” The Congress delegates will have encounters with a panel of distinguished economists, business leaders and achievers in various industries who will share their knowledge, experience and successes in their respective endeavors. In sum, the features of the international event include:

The Quest for Competitiveness

A Global View by Romano Prodi, former EC President & Prime Minister (Italy)
Regulation and Growth by Pier Carlo Padoan, Minister of Economy & Finances (Italy)
Banking Systems by Roberto Nicastro, UNICREDIT Group (Italy)
Cloud – The No Land Economy, a roundtable discussion to be moderated by Piegiorgio Valente, GEB Partners (Italy)

Innovation through Research

The Technological Scenario of the Next Decade, a roundtable discussion to be moderated by Alessandro Ovi, MIT Technology Review
Disruptive Technologies & Applied Research, a panel discussion with Pedro Alberto Gomez Rodriguez of PWC Spain, Aldo Uva of Ferrero Italy

Innovation through Service

Leveraging Technology for Efficiency, a panel discussion with Carlo Alberto Carnevale Maffe, Bocconi University, Andrei Kirilenko of MIT Sloan School of Management of US and Andrea Poggi of Deloitte Italy
Innovative Business intelligence, a discussion with Sergio Colella of HP Enterprise Services and Manuel Vellutini of Business Strategy and Growth, Tagetik

Metrics of Innovation

Reinventing Industry by Gerhard Dambach of Southern Europe Bosch (Germany)
Emerging Global Management Models by Valerio Nannini of Nestle (Switzerland) & Donato Iacovone of EY Italy
Fiscal Policies and Debt Sustainability, a roundtable discussion to be moderated by Sergio Lamonica of the 45th IAFEI World Congress Organizing Committee
Freedom and Barriers by Fabrizzio Saccomanni of Bank for International Settlements and Alexei Kudrin of St. Petersburg State University
Capital Markets and Crossborder Investments by Raffaele Jerusalmi of Borsa Italiana

Innovating CFO Roles

Shadow Banking & FINTECH roundtable discussion to be moderated by Omar Cruz (Philippines), IAFEI International Treasury Committee
Observatory of Management Control, a roundtable discussion to be moderated by Frédéric Doche (France), IAFEI Observatory Committee
Ethics in Global Markets, a roundtable discussion to be moderated by Luis F. Ortiz (Mexico), IAFEI Anti-Corruption Committee
Global Taxation in Perspective, a roundtable discussion to be moderated by Piergiorgio Valente (Italy), IAFEI International Tax-Committee
IFRS Developments, a roundtable discussion to be moderated by Andrea Angelino (Italy), IAFEI IFRS Committee.

Cocktails and a gala event will be held at Palazzo Parigi on October 14. An added feature of the Congress is the visit to the EXPO World Trade in Milan.

Do join us in the 45th IAFEI World Congress on October 14-16, 2015.

The Early Bird Registration Rate has been extended until August 15, 2015!

The Early Bird Rate has been extended until 15 August 2015. REGISTER NOW to avail of this rate. Click here

To download the latest program for the 45th IAFEI World Congress, click here


BEPS - What are we headed for?

From the International Tax Committee
Contributor: Piergiorgio Valente & Filipa Correia

With the BEPS (Base Erosion and Profit Shifting) project nearing its completion, it is time for the private sector and Stakeholders in general to get ready for the expected changes, whatever they will be.

We have entered into an era grounded on tax transparency, multilateral cooperation and information exchange.

In this scenario, Multinationals need not only warrant their “global consistency”, but should also understand their business environment, and be aware of any international tax development (at domestic/international level); they should also be able to have a good grasp of global trends (multilateral cooperation), while anticipating and assessing potential risk areas (and such transactions that tax authorities may be targeting), so as to avoid or limit tax audits and tax disputes, especially because tax disputes and tax audits are most likely to increase, after BEPS’ measures implementation. read more}


Barriers to CFOs as Strategists

by Wilma Inventor-Miranda

Much has been written about the need for CFOs to be strategists rather than just assuming the traditional role in this technology-driven business world and a globalization that is ever-spreading as the years go by. It is not that they do not want to be strategists because most CFOs I am sure would like to grow as business partners. However to achieve this, they need to be more than just being “ bean counters” or the experts on tax compliance and regulations.

The need for the transformation of the CFO in this generation is more apparent now than ever. They were trained to be the champion of fiscal concerns, overseers and implementers of compliance and regulatory requirements, controllers of budget and financial reporting, etc. Now more than ever they are expected to assume several roles such as chief strategic engineer, chief technology evangelizer, chief business operations partner, chief “bean counter”. The expectations could be overwhelming but can be taken also as great opportunities for a CFO to be groomed to assume the next top position which is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO). read more}

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  • Welcome from Gabriele Fontanesi, Chairman of the Organizing Committee, 45th IAFEI World Congress
  • Early Bird Registration Rate has been extended until August 15. REGISTER NOW!


  • BEPS - What are we headed for?


  • Barriers to CFOs as Strategists
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