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TheInternational Association of Financial Executives Institutes— IAFEI — is a private non-profit and non-political association. The Association is organized under the provisions of Articles 60-79 of the Swiss Civil Code and, accordingly, has its own legal personality.

Founded in 1969, IAFEI now has 22 Member Institutes, with a total membership of over 20.000 financial executives.

IAFEI, as a powerful force in the financial community, is recognized and respected in accounting, financial and governmental circles around the world.

Its aims are:

  • to build and improve mutual understanding internationally among financial executives through the exchange of financial information, experience and ideas;
  • to provide a basis for international cooperation among financial executives towards making financial systems and regulations more uniform, compatible and harmonious worldwide;
  • to promote ethical considerations in the practice of financial management throughout the world. 

The Association is domiciled in Switzerland and its Secretariat is in Italy